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    We are the parish of St John The Evangelist in Highbridge, Somerset. Welcome to our web site.

    St John’s is a friendly and accommodating parish church and you will be made very welcome.

    We provide a range of worship styles throughout the week, and also a variety of opportunities to share in the life of our local neighbourhood, the town of Highbridge.

    Typically, Sundays feature at least two acts of worship, beginning with a traditional Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer, at 8am. This is ‘said’, not featuring any hymns. It is followed at 9.30am by Parish Communion, using Common Worship: a sung communion with hymns and responses. Various other acts of worship are offered on particular Sundays. The details can be found on our diary or on our ‘Worship’ pages (follow the link above).

    There are many other activities always going on in and around the church. Many are described on this site.

    The church is open every day, except Mondays, so please do visit us, to stop and pray, to sit quietly or simply to soak up the atmosphere of the building.

    All worship is open to everyone.

    Music Marathon Update!

    Some things you would not imagine being combined. Chalk and cheese perhaps. Music and ... toilets would be another one. And yet, on 14th June, we gathered in St. John's for 12 hours of continuous music to raise funds to buy some toilets for people who have none. Toilet twinning: we buy someone a toilet and they send us a photo of the toilet and the coordinates, so we can find it on a map. Have to look here for more info: toilettwinning.org.

    In the end, after 12 hours of guitars and organs, brass and woodwind, singing and even an auto harp, we had raised over £600 towards toilets in remote parts of the world (remote to us, in Highbridge that is). That's enough for ten toilets, at least!

    It was a great day. It was fun and entertaining, surprising and poignant. We had 23 acts (I think -- it all gets a big vague after 6 o'clock!) and we have even acquired a whole new item for our percussion collection at church... a toilet seat tambourine. 

    Thank you so very much to everyone who got involved. To those who provided refreshments, and welcome, to those who provided music, to those who provided the audience, and to those who provided the money! And thank you to Clive Bond from The Acoustic club for his presence the whole day to help with the sound. Oh, and thanks also to Jewsons for loaning us a toilet.

    You are all wonderful people. The people who have a toilet will thank you, I am very sure. I'll let you know when we've twinned! 

    Trinity and Ordinary Time

    Christianity is monotheistic, which means that we believe in a single, loving and personal God in our lives. "There is only one God” we proclaim as we say the Creed each Sunday. There is one God, but we also believe that God exists as three ‘persons’, and we refer to these persons as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a wonderful image: God in relationship with God and from this three-in-one nature we can draw such important messages of fellowship, love and community. The three in one nature of God is referred to as The Trinity and at Trinity Sunday we celebrate this wonderful nature and remember that it is in fellowship and through relationships with those around us that we fully know God. Our communion service contains the phrase, “We are all one body because we all share in one bread”. We are united with God through the breaking and sharing of bread.

    The Trinity is the last major Sunday until the end of October, and the time between Trinity Sunday and All Souls is often referred to as ‘Ordinary Time’, and each Sunday is often referred to in relation to Trinity. So, we have “the first Sunday after Trinity”, etc. 


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    Our Parish

    St John's is part of Highbridge, and we are always explorng ways to become more relevant to the people who live in the town. These two documents form part of our explorations.

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