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IMG_4622Baptism is a special moment in the life of a Christian. It is a time when someone is welcomed into the Christian family. It is a time of celebration and of thanksgiving. It is both solemn and joyful, and a moment of significance for the whole of the church. Find out more with this leaflet.

At St John’s we always extend a welcome to anyone who is considering becoming baptised, or who is interested in bringing they child to be baptised. We make no distinction between the two, although, of course, younger children are less able to make decisions for themselves, so we ask for those decisions to be taken by their parents and God parents.

To find out what is involved, and to begin organising your or someone else’s baptism, please read these pages and get in touch:

You may also like to have a look at this web site.

And may the joy and blessings of Jesus be with you always.