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Baptism is an important and wonderful step on the journey of becoming a Christian.

If you have recently become a Christian, or you are interested in growing in your faith as an adult, we encourage you to think about baptism. It’s a wonderful and ancient way of marking a person’s journey from their old way of life, into the new life promised by Jesus Christ. If you have been baptised (christened) as a baby, you can’t be baptised again as an adult in the Church of England. However, you can reaffirm your baptismal vows in a service quite similar to baptism. The service of Confirmation (often taking place alongside baptisms) is another way to take hold of those promises made when you were younger. Confirmations are celebrated by a bishop, and are always joyful occasions. All of these steps are about ‘owning’ your faith for yourself, and about doing so with the love, prayer, and support of the church community. There is lots to celebrate!

If you are aged 10 or over, and would like to think about baptism or confirmation, please get in touch and we will be delighted to talk it all through with you.

There is lots more information available on the Church of England’s website: click here