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Thanksgiving service

Baptism (also called Christening) is a time to welcome someone into the family of faith. It is a very well known (if not fully understood) ceremony in the Christian faith, and its origins go back as far as the time of Jesus. Jesus was himself baptised by John ‘The Baptist’ in the River Jordan, for example, and the early Christians were baptised ‘into’ the new faith of Christianity.

It is a time of welcome and commitment, and we offer it at St John’s, of course, to do just that: welcome and commit people into the faith.

But for some, perhaps, Baptism is not quite appropriate. For some parents, for example, the commitment to faith for their young child might be too much, or too soon. In this case, we offer a service of thanksgiving, for the safe arrival of a new life into a family. It can be just as meaningful, and equally significant as Baptism.

This service is not so well known and many people think baptism is the only service we offer for little ones.

A Service of Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to bring your young baby to church often surrounded by family and friends and to offer thanks for your new arrival.

Many people find this a really good alternative if you or your partner are uncomfortable about making baptism promises on behalf of your child, wanting them to make their own decision later. It can be especially helpful in families of more than one faith.

If you would like to discuss a service of thanksgiving please contact our parish office on 01278 792701 or 07970 936325. (The office is not permanently staffed and you will probably get the answer phone, but do leave a message and we will ring you back)

Follow this link for an example of a Service of Thanksgiving.