• He is risen!
  • Pilate washes his hands
  • A triumphal entrance

Journey of Easter: our Holy Week adventure

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Since Ash Wednesday we have been ‘observing’ Lent. For some that has meant living slightly differently from other times in the year. You might have given up something, or perhaps taken up something. It might be food or drink, it might be a way to behave. Whatever you have done, it will have made you think about who you are, and what your life is like. ‘Observing’ Lent means stepping to one side and contemplating how you might live differently. We can call this being ‘penitent’: to be aware of what could have been. (The word penitence comes from the Latin paene meaning ’nearby’ or ‘almost’.

After 40 days of thinking about things like this, of being penitential, we come to Easter, the time in our Christian Calendar that brings us to the new life in Christ that shows us how God gives us a new way to live. Easter without Lent is like Light without Dark.

And so, the Journey of Easter… our week-long event in St John’s Church, which helps us consider the very last few days of Jesus’ life before he was crucified and rose again.

What is “Journey of Easter”?

It is a series of tableaux, each one based on a moment in the story of Jesus’ last days. It begins with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Day), and ends with the Resurrection of Easter Day. In between there is Pilate washing his hands, Jesus Washing the feet of his disciples, the Garden of Gethsemane, and others.

All are presented with a short explanation, and an encouragement to prayer or reflection.


We each understand the world in different ways. Some like words, others prefer pictures. Others still find smells or sounds bring the truth into perspective. Journey of Easter provides something for all the senses.

We present these tableaux to give time and space to our desire to be more at one with God and with ourselves, and to find ways to make sense of things.

There is no expectation, no predetermined direction to travel from each tableau to the next: just a desire that you will find something to inspire or reflect upon.

Come along and sit. Come along and pray. Please do, come along: all are welcome in this place. And in your journey, as Easter approaches, you may uncover something that makes Lent seem all the more important.


The Journey of Easter is open for visiting each day of Holy Week, 21st to 24th March, from 10am until 4pm. During the day Churchfield School will be bringing classes over and so there will be people in church most of the time.

Each evening the displays take on a different feel as they are lit by candles and soft lighting. The displays will be open from 7.30pm for quiet reflection concluding with night prayer at 8pm.