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Prayer at St John’s

Praying is apray-1359099_960_720t the heart of who we are. God knows us each individually, and it is in prayer that we can know God. Prayer is a very personal matter but also something we can do in fellowship. We each pray differently, but ultimately we are all praying to God: to say thank you, to say sorry and to seek God’s presence in our lives.

Matthew 21:22“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

We pray for our community

Those in need of our prayers:

The departed:

Years mind:

Recently baptised:

Margaret Moyle, Sue Hill, Wendy Burges, Elise Cole, Michael Biddiscombe, Tina, Victoria, Valerie Crawford, Betty & Peter Worthy, Sheila Slocombe, Stephen Chedzey Terence (Terry) Davison Jean Kick, Pamela Lawrence, Jane Brown Danielle Day,
Braxton-Reid Stokoe,
Piper Owen-Perks