03666_hiresThe story of the transfiguration of Christ is told in the three ‘synoptic’ gospels, Matthew 17, Mark 9 and Luke 9, and is also mentioned in St Peter’s second letter ( 2 Peter 1). All well and good, but what is it? ‘Transfiguration’? One of those long words beloved of the church. But a great word. It means that the figure of a person appears transformed, transfigured. And in this case, the moment occurred on a high mountain, with Peter, James and John standing by Jesus. Jesus became transfigured. Alongside him were visible the figures of Moses and Elijah, both enormously important prophets of the Jews. And God is heard saying how “this is my Son, the Chosen. Listen to him”. The transfiguration is the moment when Jesus’s divine nature and his glory is revealed to his closest disciples. He is portrayed as not simply equal to but more magnificent than both Moses and Elijah.

At St John’s we celebrate this transfiguration with a High Mass, featuring incense and appropriate liturgy. Please do come along if you would like to be part of this special service, a moment in our faith journey when we recognise and glorify Jesus as the Son of God.