Church hall

Our church hall is used by a number of local community groups. We are able to accommodate groups of up to about 50. However numbers are reduced if your group needs plenty of space to move about. We regret that some activities are not possible due to the structure of the hall, eg bouncy castles, or some keep-fit type activities. We can also accommodate children’s parties and other celebrations (please note we do not hold a liquor license).

We have a small fully equipped kitchen.
The hall is fully accessible although we do not currently have a PA system or Loop facility.
We can also offer internet access on request.
Due to limited parking, we can rarely accept bookings on Sundays due to church activities.

Our standard charge is £8.00 an hour, but this is reduced for regular children’s groups meeting on a weekly basis (we do not usually accept bookings from commercial companies). If you would like to find out more, please contact Mrs P. Burge, 01278 788134.